3 ways to earn money from mobile, earn 40-50 thousand taka per month

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Almost all of us know that money can be earned from mobile. But many of us do not know about the exact ways to earn from mobile. Moreover, as the era of information technology continues to grow, the way of earning from mobile is increasing. You can also earn 40 to 50 thousand rupees per month from mobile.

There are many ways to earn from mobile. Today we will tell you about three main ways. Through which you can start your online income journey. In today’s post we will tell you about some genuine ways to earn from mobile without talking nonsense.

So without further ado let’s discuss some ways to earn from mobile. With the help of which it is possible to earn 40 to 50 thousand rupees per month very easily.

Earn 40 to 50 thousand Rs Through Mobile 3 Way
Three ways to earn money from mobile

1. Refer and Earn

When you hear about Refer and Earn (Refer and Earn), you remember which app to refer your friends in exchange for 5 taka and 10 taka. But we will not waste your valuable time talking about 5 bucks 10 bucks referrals today. Today I am going to tell you about referral and income that you can use to earn big money every month.

Refer and Income is a referral based marketing model. Through this model, various big start-up companies pay good money for their application referrals. In today’s referral income, we will talk about several stock market related apps that you can refer in the right way and put good money in your pocket.

Below we have mentioned five apps that pay well on referral system-

Earn money from Upstox app

Currently the most popular stock market investing app is Upstox. This app is funded by Ratan Tata that’s why this app has high credibility. In this app you can create an account and invest in various stocks. Also the best thing is that through this app you can earn good amount of money every month through referrals. Because this app starts from 200 taka to 1200 taka per referral.

Earn money from Grow app

It is also an app similar to Upstox. Through this money is invested in various stocks. This app pays 100 rupees per referral. By creating an account on Grow app you can also earn good money through referrals.

Earn money from Zerodha

Zerodha is India’s oldest stock investment company. It has a huge user base. Although it does not pay through referrals, but brokerage commission is paid which is up to 10%. Also 300 points are given as referrals which are used later.

Income from 5 Paisa to Rs

This app is very old. Initially, this app used to provide various services. But later stock investment services were also introduced in it. Currently referring this up earns up to 500 rupees on the first referral. 250 is paid for subsequent referrals. Good money can be earned through this.

Earn money from CoinDCX app

The CoinDCX app is not intended for stock markets. It is mainly used to invest in cryptocurrencies. The CoinDCX market has grown tremendously over the past few months. Nowadays there is an increase in the awareness about cryptocurrencies among the people of India. That is why they have started investing in cryptocurrencies. This app gives 100 Rupees of Etherium (ETH) cryptocurrency on referring someone. Later it can be converted into Indian rupees and sent to own bank account.

Ways to promote apps

Your friends can be the first means of promoting these apps. If you don’t want to do that, there are other options. If you open a YouTube channel related to the stock market and present various information about the stock market through videos, then through that video you can earn money by referring the above apps.

Another way to promote these apps is blog, i.e. make a website of yours and provide different news and updates related to the stock market, you can give links to all your apps. Get your audience to download them and register on them to earn your referral income.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not only done online. Affiliate marketing is also done offline. We are talking about offline so that you can understand the matter properly. You will find that when you go to a bike showroom to buy a bike, the sales executive will encourage you in various ways to sell their bike. Because if he can find a cell he will get good quality commission from it. That’s affiliate marketing. Nowadays you can earn good money very easily by doing affiliate marketing in the same way but in a different way online.

Let me tell you again, affiliate marketing is where you get some percentage (%) commission for selling someone else’s stuff. And very easy affiliate marketing can be done through mobile. Some important points to note for affiliate marketing are:

  • Affiliate product selection
  • Facebook account creation
  • Cell skill

3. Earn by writing

If you love to write or you have writing skills then it is easier to earn 40-50k per month from your mobile. And you can do all these things through your mobile.

Currently there is an opportunity to earn money by writing through the app called Pocket FM. This Pocket FM app has launched a program called Pocket Novel. Bengali language is also supported in this program. Therefore those who want to write in Bengali language can also earn money by writing.

Earn money from Pocket FM

Pocket Novel program of Pocket FM app will be given 5000 rupees for writing 50 thousand to 70 thousand words. 8000 will be given for writing more than 70 thousand words. There is also provision for additional bonuses. A bonus of Rs 2500 will be given for writing 1 lakh 50 thousand words and a bonus of Rs 5000 for writing 2 lakh 50 thousand words and more.

Now you may also think that how is it possible to write so many words. Let me tell you, if you like to write and have writing skills, writing that amount of words is not impossible. In addition, you can write novels or novels with more than that.

From today’s article we learned about three ways to earn money through mobile. Hope you understand this. You have read our article. That means you are interested in online income. If you want to know new things related to online income then visit our website regularly.

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