5 Presidents who acted in TV commercials !

Here in this article, we are telling you about 5 presidents who acted in TV commercials. Before about any politician will tell you, politics is all about promising everything. Some presidents before sold something on the Tv screen or they are acted in Tv commercials. It doesn’t happen often, but there were five cases when actual presidents appeared on the screens trying to sell us something.

You also see some presidents on your TV. So, here we are just adding some president’s lists. What they are doing in Tv commercials and who they are. Hope you enjoying this article.

Donald Trump :

In 1995, there has been any other advert marketing campaign for the Pizza Hut eating place chain, and it featured the United States former president — Donald Trump.

Other than the Pizza Hut commercial, you can have additionally visible Trump in advertisements for McDonald`s, Visa, mattresses, and likely more, making him one of the maximum prolific advert stars amongst politicians.

Barack Obama:

In 2015, Barack Obama didn`t famous person in a few speedy meals or credit score card commercial; instead, he promoted his healthcare system.

Vaclav Havel:

In 2011, the primary president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel, seemed in an advert marketing campaign for the car distributor AAA Auto.

Volodymyr Zelensky:

Similar to Barack Obama, the newly appointed President of Ukraine, Zelensky, seemed in a social advert in preference to a few burger commercial.

Nicolas Sarkozy:

And right here we’ve Nicolas Sarkozy, ex-president of France, marketing and marketing Bonux washing powder. This relic become circulating the newspapers and anyplace Bonux advertisements had been generally located again in 1967.

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