Bitcoin millionaire Dr. John’s dead body recovered

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The co-founder of Onfo Coin and one of the Bitcoin millionaires was missing since May 21st. John Forsyth. Police recovered his dead body yesterday although the police have not said anything about who or what killed him or why.

Apart from cryptocurrency investment or co-founder, one of his credentials is that he is a doctor. On May 21st, he was not seen at the hospital during office hours at Marchi Hospital in Missouri. That’s where the doubt comes from. After his family in the local administration. John filed a missing person case. Also, they inform about it through social media.

Dr. John’s younger brother Richard Forsyth said, “Dr. John never misses office. He is supposed to be in the hospital at this time. It was suspicious to me at the time.”

The local administration continued to inquire into this matter. As a result, on May 28, Dr. John’s sedan found the car about 1 mile from the hospital.

Dr. John’s wallet, passport, laptop and briefcase were found in his unlocked car. His brother said, “His mobile was inside the car. This seemed very unusual to me, as he always carries his cell phone with him. I don’t think Dr. John left it on purpose.”

30th of May, Dr. John’s body was found by the police. Dr. They found John shot. He was found on the road 1 hour away from where he was last seen. Although this is a suspicious case from the beginning and his death is also mysterious, the police are not saying anything about it. In the eyes of the police, this does not seem to be a premeditated murder.

49-year-old Dr. John co-founded Onfo Coin with his brother in 2020. The main function of this coin was to refer other people to network mining, much like a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme.

The key to attracting people to Tane Onfo Coin was to highlight the declining value of the U.S. dollar and use cryptocurrencies as an alternative. Many invest in these so-called cryptocurrencies.

In a 2020 report by Forbes, Dr. John Forsyth is featured as one of the Bitcoin millionaires. Dr. John has been using Bitcoin since its inception.

Forsyth’s death is certainly mysterious. However, this is not the first such mysterious death in the cryptocurrency world. Last April, Cash App founder and Square’s former chief technology officer Bob Lee was mysteriously murdered. Although the police have arrested one person in the case, the police have not revealed the motive behind the murder.

Why is it important for everyone to be aware?

Many of us talk about our cryptocurrency holdings with friends. I often share how I am doing. First, cryptocurrency is illegal in Bangladesh. Besides, people can do many things out of greed. We must not share our cryptocurrency holdings with anyone or share anything about how we hold them. If you trust people and share these words, they can do you a lot of harm with the greed of your cryptocurrency.

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