Cryptocurrency meaning in Bengali. What is the Bengali meaning of cryptocurrency?

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Cryptocurrency meaning in Bengali is one of the most frequently asked questions on Google about cryptocurrency. A simple translation of this English sentence would be what is the meaning of cryptocurrency in Bengali? Let’s discuss that today.

Cryptocurrency meaning in Bengali

Cryptocurrency meaning in Bengali I have already shared what is Bengali. Let’s find out this time what the Bengali meaning of cryptocurrency really is? Cryptocurrencies are often referred to as cryptos. This means that many people call it a secret currency, which is completely wrong. Cryptocurrencies cannot be called secret currencies. The secret currency is in cryptocurrencies. Monero, Deep-Onion or some other cryptocurrencies like that are called privacy coins because you can keep your transaction information private. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies that are not privacy coins have their transaction information open on the blockchain. Anyone can see them. That means if we call cryptocurrency a secret currency, it would be a gross misapplication. We can call privacy coins as secret currency.

Cryptocurrency meaning in Bengali

Now let’s come to what many say is symbolic currency. Is this really a token currency? I don’t understand this usage at all. The address is used for cryptocurrency transactions. We can see everything with blockchain. How can we call it a symbolic currency only because this currency does not exist in the real world (in the sense of not being able to be held by hand)?

Many say digital or virtual currency. I agree with this a lot. Cryptocurrencies can be called digital or virtual currencies but cannot actually be called cryptocurrency. If we try to derive the meaning of cryptocurrency from its literal meaning, we will actually be applying the wrong meaning of cryptocurrency. On the other hand, I am not aware that there is any literal meaning in the Bengali dictionary to apply here. Since none of the Bengali speakers have done much work on these, its exact meaning is not really available anywhere.

So what is the Bengali of cryptocurrency? Or what should be said. Since we have looked at all the current interpretations of meaning and none of them seem right to us, we should leave it as it is. That is, the Bengali meaning of cryptocurrency would be cryptocurrency, meaning it is best to apply this word directly in Bengali. If readers have any better and acceptable opinion then share with us below.

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