Earn money by blogging online How to Start Blogging and Earn Money in Bengali 2021

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Blogging is a very popular term these days. But very few people know about its meaning. Actually when you write about a topic it is called a blog. Through this you share your knowledge with other people.

When you search for a topic on Google, you get the answer to that topic. But the question is, does Google know the answers to all questions? If you search for a question on Google, you will see some websites that are shown in the Google search results for the answer. And all those websites or blogs are written by people like you and me and indexed in Google.

How to Start Blogging & Earn Money in Bengali 2021

Now several questions may arise in your mind. How to start blogging business? How much money can be earned from blogging? How much money to invest to start this work? How many articles should be written in a day etc. Today you will get answers to all these questions.

An important objective in any job is to earn good quality money. If you choose blogging as a career, you can get many other benefits besides money income like-

  • Improve writing skills- If you love to write then this job or business is for you. In blogging you have to write about something new regularly. This writing will improve your writing skills, awaken new talents and develop your imagination.
  • Enhancing knowledge- Whenever you start writing about a new topic, do research to gather information about that topic, surf the internet, which will increase your knowledge.
  • Freedom in work- If you work in an office then you have to work within a certain time and according to your boss. But in blogging you can do your own work as per your wish at any time.
  • Enhancing creativity- Blogging is your personal choice. You will think new things for this work due to which your creativity will increase and will make you successful in creativity.
  • Learn to earn money- Most of the people create a blog according to their desire and put it in front of people. Then as their experience increases they start writing and blogging about other topics as well. From your main blog you will learn a lot of things – like what to do, what not to do, what the marketing strategy should be, etc. You can understand and learn these things well which will give you a chance to earn big money.

Today there are various platforms for creating a blog or website like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr Self Hosted WordPress etc. You can create a blog for free using any of these platforms. But in this case, the company’s domain name will be added to your site name while creating a blog. If you want to take your own domain name then you have to spend some money.

Most of the websites are now being built on WordPress. This is because WordPress is the easiest to use. It can improve the look of the website by installing beautiful themes. Various important tasks can be done in one click by installing the plug-in. So you can create a blog or website through WordPress.

To create a blog or website you will need two things one is domain and other is hosting. You have to spend some money for domain and hosting. If you want to create a website without spending any money, then you can easily create a website through Google’s blogger.com.

To create a website first you need to do domain registration. Domain i.e. the name you will give your website you need to register i.e. buy it. For example www.banglarojgar.com is a domain. You will select the domain according to your topic. So that you can understand what you are writing about by looking at the domain name. There are many websites for domain registration where you can buy domain ie registration.

To build a blog or website you need good web hosting. Hosting means the server with which your domain address will be associated is called web hosting. Hosting can be compared to storage. There are several things to keep in mind while buying hosting. For example, a web hosting should be taken so that your data or information is protected, the server speed is good. Moreover, you should take a web hosting that is very easy to use.

Below is an estimate of how much money it can cost to start a blogging or blogging business:

  • First domain registration can cost anywhere from Rs.200 to Rs.1000.
  • Then buy a good hosting. It can cost anywhere from 400 to 500 rupees per month. That is, four to five thousand rupees can be spent to buy hosting for one year.
  • If you want to beautify your website design, you can buy themes separately. And for this you have to spend three to four thousand rupees. Although you can run free stop work.
  • All in all, starting a blog can cost roughly Rs 7,000 to 11,000.

You can earn money from blogging or website in different ways. The easiest and most popular way to earn money from blogging is Google Adsense. Moreover, money can be earned very easily through sponsor, guest post, affiliate marketing etc.

Any job requires some essential skills in you. Know what skills are required in blogging

  • Patience and Confidence- Although these are not so much skills but patience and confidence are very necessary in blogging. When a blogging website is built it can take anywhere from 6 to almost 1 year to get results. So for this job you need to work with patience and confidence. If you do it right, you can make a lot of money in no time.
  • Writing Skills- The most required skill for blogging is writing skills. Because blogging is a writing business. The topic you write about should be well organized and well explained. In this case, simple words should always be used. And if you don’t love to write then this job is not for you. But you can join this job by developing writing skills.
  • Photo Editing- If you add images along with your blog posts, your blog becomes more interesting. Moreover, several things can be easily illustrated through pictures. If good images are provided on the blog then the visitors are easily attracted and your blog gains popularity. Photo editing can be done easily through mobile or computer.
  • marketing- Marketing skills are required for any business. Blogging is a business so it needs marketing. In this case online marketing is necessary. If a blogger has marketing skills then he can make his blog reach more people. It increases the amount of money income.
  • seo- Its full name is ‘Search Engine Optimization’. This is more important in blogging. Through SEO you can show your website at the top of Google’s search results. You can watch various videos on YouTube to learn SEO. It can be learned very easily.
  • Follow Professionals and Bloggers- You can follow various educational websites and YouTube channels to keep yourself updated about blogging. This will increase your blogging knowledge and you will learn new things.

If you love to write then blogging job or business will be perfect for you. One thing to keep in mind for this is that after starting blogging you have to regularly write about specific topics on your blog site. Also it is very important to prepare yourself to learn new things. Several hours of the day must be spent in front of a laptop or computer. And if you can do all these things then blogging is for you and you are going to earn good money from it.

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