Earn money from WhatsApp – complete process in Bengali

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Can you really earn money from WhatsApp? Today we will know about it. I think there is no person who owns a mobile but does not use WhatsApp. You must also use WhatsApp. It won’t be wrong if I say you can earn money from your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is basically a social messaging platform. Where we can send files like text messages, videos, image documents etc. to others. Most of the times we are chatting with friends, relatives or close people through WhatsApp.

First of all let me tell you that money cannot be earned directly from WhatsApp. By using WhatsApp we can earn money indirectly using WhatsApp. It’s not digesting well, is it? In today’s article we will know about this in detail. After reading the article to the end, I hope you will also understand the issue of earning from WhatsApp.

whatsapp theke taka income korar upai

How to earn money from WhatsApp

WhatsApp is basically a messaging app. We chat with our close people, relatives and friends along with sharing pictures, videos etc through WhatsApp. And for this WhatsApp does not charge any money that means we can use WhatsApp completely free.

Now the question is how we can earn money from WhatsApp. Yes it is true that money is not directly earned from WhatsApp. But we can earn good money by using WhatsApp properly. There is no doubt about this. Now we will know about several ways to earn from WhatsApp that you can also earn by using it properly.

What is needed to earn money from WhatsApp?

If you really want to earn money from WhatsApp then you will need these things very much.

1. A smart phone

2. Good internet connection

3. WhatsApp group (with many members)

Ways to earn money from WhatsApp

To earn money from WhatsApp you need many numbers of people who use WhatsApp. You will find all these whatsapp users from different whatsapp groups. For this you have to add yourself in various WhatsApp groups and from there you can take members. Now we will know about earning money from WhatsApp app.

Earn money from WhatsApp groups

Earning money from WhatsApp means earning money from WhatsApp groups. A WhatsApp group is a place where many members or people live together. We all know that a WhatsApp group can have 257 members. You can add members of different groups to your own group.

But now the question is how do we add so many people or members to our WhatsApp group? This time we will tell some tips that will help you to add members to the group.

1. First of all you tell your friends, relatives to make a good WhatsApp group. Where everyone will be benefited if connected. Also tell them to share this group link with people they know.

2. You can easily increase the number of members in your group with their help.

3. You can take the help of Facebook to increase the number of WhatsApp group members. There are many groups on Facebook where you can increase the number of members by sharing your WhatsApp group link.

4. Besides, you can increase your WhatsApp group members by using different social networking platforms.

You must be patient in this case. Because WhatsApp group members will not increase overnight and your income will not start from day one. For this you need to constantly publish new content in the WhatsApp group. Then you will see the number of members of your group is increasing.

I know you are feeling very upset right now. Without further ado, below we are discussing some of the right ways to earn from WhatsApp.

Earn money using Link Shortner

This method is very simple among many bullets. Through this, the links of some popular web sites are shortened. Earn based on clicks by sharing the shortened link in WhatsApp groups. In simple words, the more links are clicked, the more your income will be. Various link shortener websites are-

1. Shorte.st

2. ouo.io

3. Linkbucks.com

4. ads.fly

5. Linkshrink.net

To earn more money using it you need to do internet browsing or research. You should see which topic people are looking at the most at the moment. Which video is going viral, which website is more popular etc. You can find them and share them in your WhatsApp group by shortening their link.

Income by affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another good way to earn from WhatsApp. For those who don’t know about affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is selling products of other companies. In this case, various companies give money as commission for selling their products online. You can easily earn through commission from WhatsApp by doing affiliate marketing.

There are many companies that promote their products to sell. For this various companies have launched their affiliate programs. By sharing the link of the affiliate products in various WhatsApp groups, if someone clicks on the link and buys them, some commission is earned. The simple calculation is that the more sales, the more commissions and the more income.

Some of the companies that support affiliate programs are mentioned below-

1. Amazon.com

2. Flipkart.com

3. Payoom.com

4. Snapdeal.com

Earn by referring recharge app

It is possible to earn money with the help of WhatsApp by referring various recharge apps. The problem here is that money is not directly available here. But free recharge paytm cash and various other benefits are available.

You will share the referral link of the recharge apps in your WhatsApp group. When someone clicks on your referral link and downloads and registers, you get some points or credits that you can use to recharge and shop.

But the truth is, this is not the right way to earn money in the long run. But you can use it if you want to earn some money or free recharge in your spare time. There are several apps that are genuine and pay. Some such apps are-

1. Taskbucks

2. Ladoo

3. Earn Talktime

4. TrueBalance

Earn by promoting YouTube and website

You can also earn money by promoting YouTube channel and website in your WhatsApp group. For this you need to have many WhatsApp groups and contacts. By connecting with different YouTubers and bloggers you can let them know about your WhatsApp group and contacts. Charge a fixed amount to promote them in your WhatsApp group.

There are many new bloggers and YouTubers who are looking for people like you to increase their views. If they can increase their views or traffic for some money then they will not reject your offer.

Earn by paid promotion

If you have a good quality WhatsApp group with good number of members then you can promote it to others. In this case you can charge money from them for promotion. Many people will contact you to promote your group topic.

Earn money from WhatsApp by selling your products

If you have your own business then you can grow it through WhatsApp. For this, WhatsApp has launched a new app called WhatsApp Business. In WhatsApp Business App you can provide various information about your business. You can promote your business products by creating groups and adding members there. In that case, your entire profit will go into your own pocket.

Earn money by teaching online

If you are good at a particular subject and have enough knowledge then you can teach that subject online. You can earn more money than offline by doing online teaching using your knowledge. You can share your expertise or teaching in various WhatsApp groups. People will recognize you and contact you when they are interested.

What I learned today

Today we know about earning money from WhatsApp. Hope, I have been able to present the information related to income from WhatsApp in a comprehensible manner.

Many people spend hours on WhatsApp messaging or watching stories. Our objective is to increase awareness about online income among people. So if any one feel there is some thing to know from this post then you can share it with your relatives or friends.

Hope you have understood the topics related to earning money from WhatsApp. If you have any question or opinion about this then let us know through comment below. Don’t forget to visit our website regularly to get various information related to earning or income.

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