Easy way to earn from Facebook 2022 | How to Earn Money from Facebook in Bengali 2022

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Want to earn money from Facebook? So listen Facebook is currently the most popular social network site. There are about 2.8 billion or 2.8 billion active users on Facebook every month. On Facebook we share videos and pictures with friends. Meanwhile, the number of users on Facebook is increasing day by day. But do you know that you can earn from Facebook? Facebook has various options or facilities through which you can earn money very easily.

How to Earn Money from Facebook in Bengali 2021

There is only one way to earn from Facebook, but not that. There are multiple ways you can earn money from Facebook. Nowadays, we can earn money very easily by selling various things, by increasing the number of likes or users on the Facebook page, by creating a blog and posting it, through Facebook groups, or even by selling an old Facebook account. Among them you can choose any one of your choice to earn from Facebook.

Anyone can earn money from Facebook. The first step to earn money from Facebook is to create a Facebook account, create a realistic profile with your own picture and name. So that the profile doesn’t look fake. Because later it is going to be the road of money income.

The Facebook account should be created in such a way that you can use it later in any business or business.

Based on the information mentioned above, several methods of earning from Facebook are discussed below. Among them, you can choose any one as per your wish and start working as a way to earn from Facebook. These are-

1. Income from Facebook Marketplace:

Facebook Marketplace is the easiest way to earn from Facebook. In a specific section of Facebook Facebook Marketplace There is a service named Where different types of things like laptops to different types of furniture, sports equipment, clothes etc. can be sold. Facebook Marketplace allows you to sell items by category. So that specific customers can be found easily. Things to note for selling anything on marketplace are-

  • Upload a clear picture of the item you want to sell on Facebook.
  • The model number of the item, if any, should be given and the exact condition of the item should be given.
  • The correct mobile number should also be given so that the person who wants to buy the item can be contacted on the phone.

2. Income from Facebook page

Millions or crores of rupees can be earned from Facebook page. To earn from Facebook page, first of all you need to go to Facebook app and create a Facebook page. What to do after creating Facebook is given below in sequence-

  • Know all the information: From day one you have to remember that you want to earn from Facebook page. For this you need to know detailed information about Facebook page and you must have interest in it.
  • Post Content on Facebook Page: Once the Facebook page is created, start posting any type of content as per your taste. Post something that’s trending, liked and shared by everyone.
  • Establish relationships: Relationship building is essential in any job. This may result in you being selected for a variety of sponsored posts or promotions. Promotion or sponsorship is when a brand or company asks you to sell their goods or services and they pay you money for it.
  • Earn more money: If your Facebook page has a lot of likes and followers then you can earn great income by doing affiliate marketing, some of the notable affiliate networks are Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank etc.

3. Income from Facebook group

You can also earn money by making Facebook groups. Try to have groups with at least 10,000 members and communicate with each other throughout the group. Moreover, according to the category of the group, different types of blog posts, pictures, videos should be posted so that more members are associated with the group. After creating Facebook group you can earn money in following ways-

  • By subscription
  • Through affiliate marketing
  • By selling self-made products such as books, clothes, etc

4. Earn money by selling Facebook accounts

You can earn money by selling your Facebook account. Different marketers want to buy many old accounts for their work so that they can do their marketing work very easily and well.

5. Income by advertising your business on Facebook

Nowadays there are many people who want to start their own business by making things from food to clothes etc. at home. Facebook is going to be one of the easiest selling mediums for them. They can easily market their homemade products to customers through Facebook

Earning money from Facebook is not that easy. But if you work smartly and willingly, you can easily earn money from Facebook. Among the above mentioned methods, which you will find very easy, you can definitely earn from Facebook if you work with Cetic.

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