Flying car came to the market, start booking, how much will the price be?

After petrol, diesel, CNG and electric, flying cars have started coming into the market. By now you must have heard the story of such a car or seen it in a movie or cartoon. But now it is coming true. You can buy yourself a flying car.

A flying car is simply a vehicle that you can drive on the road and fly in the sky. The Switchblade is the first flying car you can buy in the US market. This vehicle is also booked for around two thousand people. Samson Sky spent 14 years to develop this car.

After years of work on design, R&D and fundraising, Samson Sky’s first flying car has completed high-speed taxi tests. Apart from flying the car at a speed of 87 kmph, brake testing was also done. So is it a car or a plane? You can do it both ways. That is, it is a car and it is also an airplane.

Although the vehicle is listed as a three-wheeled motorcycle in the US market, it can also fly. In the car you will find space for a pilot and a passenger. You can drive it on the road and fly it in the sky.

It’s not all that easy Making a flying car a reality is exciting, no doubt about that. But it is a dream, which is incomplete even when fulfilled. You need a runway to use it. That is, legally you can fly it by following any flight protocol. This means that the vehicle’s take-off and take-down position will be similar to that of an airplane.

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