How to start an online business? | How to Start Online Business in Bengali

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If you want to earn lakhs per month by doing online business or work from home, then today’s article is absolutely for you. Let me tell you, once you succeed in working online then you will not have any money problem. Nowadays many people are doing different jobs online to earn money and they are also successful.

However, like any job, in doing business or working online, hard work and patience should be kept in mind. If you think that you will start earning millions overnight then you are wrong. Here in online business you need to give some time it may be few months. If you leave in the middle and run away, you will get nothing.

I know many people who are making millions from home working online. Many of us want to earn money online from home, but without having the right idea, we cannot succeed in this online business. That’s why the dream of earning money through online business remains our dream.

So in today’s article I will tell you about some of the things that can be started online that you can start earning money online.

One more thing to keep in mind in the case of online income is that in some months you will earn a lot of money and in some months you will earn less money. So you need to be patient in online work and also work hard as needed. When you get used to working online, you will start earning a certain amount of money every month.

Ways to start an online business

Before saying that there are some ways to start working online, let us tell you about what things are needed to work online. You are here to start working online A computer or laptop and a mobile must be It is also important to have a good internet connection.

Below are several ways to earn online. You can earn money online by working one or more ways. Let’s take a look at the different ways to earn online (business/work) one by one.

1. Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing Business)

If you want to earn a lot of money at home in a short period of time, then you can do digital marketing. Digital marketing is about delivering a company’s products online to the right customers and increasing their sales. Currently, the demand for digital marketing jobs is skyrocketing.

Before doing digital marketing work you need to know and learn about digital marketing in detail. After knowing the basic knowledge about marketing you can start digital marketing of any company. Later you can turn it into a business and work on getting your clients.

Once you get your digital marketing business up and running, the amount of income you can generate is beyond your imagination. You can also create your own digital marketing agency if you want.

2. YouTube Business

How to do business again through YouTube? Such questions may come to your mind. You might think that YouTube is the only place to watch videos, so how can you do business?

Yes, watching videos through YouTube is fine but you may not know exactly how many people are making their business through that video. Before starting a YouTube business you need to know the basics about YouTube.

Then you will upload videos to YouTube based on the skill you have acquired. It will get views. You can earn money by using Google Adsense. Not only that, later you can make any of your products and sell them through YouTube.

3. Business through blog (Blogging Business)

If you have writing skills, then you can create your own blog and publish on a specific topic. After publishing a good number of articles on the blog you can start Adsence ad and advertising as well as affiliate marketing. This will start your good monthly income. And you can see it as a business.

You need to submit the blog to Google Search Console to get more views or traffic to your blog. Also can share the link on various social media platforms.

4. Business of Buy-Sell (Buy-Sell business)

If you want, you can buy and sell products online. Telling what to do. You have to buy various products from online with discount offers so your profit will be more. Then all those products have to be submitted to online selling platform like OLX etc. You will price and sell them keeping a profit margin.

5. Service or provision of services (Service Providing Business)

If you are good at something then you can build a business by providing online services Let me explain this to you. Suppose you know the work of website development. Can get clients and setup websites for them. And for this you will charge a fixed amount.

When your work and number of clients increase, you can create an office and hire some website developers to work with them, your income will increase a lot. You can do service work on what you know or want to learn in future.

Also, there are many other online jobs (Online Business) from which money can be earned. Today we tell you about some of the most popular ways to make good income. Moreover, their career opportunity is very high in the future. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to online business is that it is impossible to succeed in online business without proper knowledge and hard work.


In today’s article I have told you about some ways to start an online business. If you want, you can choose any one of them and start working by knowing more about it online. All these jobs can be done from home as part time along with any other job.

If you can build an online business with a little effort then you can earn big money every month even if you do it full time.

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