ozone chain; The first quantum resistant blockchain

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What is OZONE Chain?

OZONE Chain is essentially a secure decentralized ledger where you can mint smart contract formats, tokens and NFTs. It also has many other features including generating decentralized applications like De-Fi, DAO’s as well as generating play-to-earn games.

But dozens of such blockchains are within our reach, so why is Ozone Chain special?

Ozone Chain is a quantum blockchain that uses Ozone Chain bleeding edge technology with the highest possible security to protect its digital assets. To do this, they come up with a quantum random number generator and features post-quantum cryptography.

Quantum Random Number(QRM)

Ozone Chain mainly uses Quantum Random Number Generator (qrng) to perform the mentioned tasks.

1. Creating secure private keys and public keys.

2. Establish TLS based peer-to-peer communication between nodes.

3. Cryptocurrency transactions

4. Block mining

5. Hashing (on Merkle Trees and Linked Lists)

6. Salt Computing

7. Generating random numbers

The ozone chain generates random numbers by using photons from the laser source.

Quantum Tunnel

Quantum tunneling is the name of a mechanism for ozone nodes to communicate data with other ozone nodes. It basically creates a special channel. It keeps its data secure by using an algorithm called Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC).

Internode communication is immune to classical and quantum computer attacks.

Ozone Chain’s Decentralized Application (dApp)

Ozone Chain is a Turing-complete blockchain framework. It uses a programming language to create a foundation from which you can write contracts that can solve any relevant computational problem. Ozone Chain is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), a virtual machine that decodes contracts written in bytecodes and executes them on Ethereum network nodes. It is also able to prevent some of the attacks that are prevalent in the cryptocurrency market through the use of its own algorithms.

Ozone Wallet

Ozone Wallet is the first decentralized app on the Ozone chain. The Ozone Chain wallet is free and has a client-side interface available to help you interact with the Quantum Blockchain. This easy-to-use network is a source platform that helps you create wallets, transfer your crypto, and offers many other services including staking.

Test and Certification:

The quantum security technologies used in Ozone Chain have been proven in various tests conducted by TUV Rheinland. Besides, the ozone chain is the next generation


Ozone Chain is essentially a next-generation blockchain that will provide quantum security using quantum mechanical properties with selfless security.

Website – https://ozonechain.io/
White Paper – https://whitepaper.ozonechain.io/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Ozone_chain
Telegram – https://t.me/ozonechainlabs
Discord – https://discord.gg/xfG5rgQps3

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