Ways to earn money from Telegram How to Earn Money From Telegram in Bengali

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Telegram has become very popular now. Not only that, many people are also earning money from this. But how? How to earn money from Telegram in this article today? Earn Money From Telegram in Bengali- will be informed about this. If you are also thinking of making money from Telegram, then read the article completely to understand.

Today everyone wants to earn money from their mobile or computer sitting at home. We live in an age of technology where it is very easy to earn online.

There are many mobile apps that we use every day. Not only that, we can also earn money from them. But we need to know about the right way to earn money.

How to Earn Money From Telegram

If you have used Telegram then you must know what Telegram is and what Telegram does for us. If you think how to earn again from Telegram then you will understand very easily after reading today’s article completely.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is generally a popular messaging app similar to WhatsApp. Through which we can send audio, video, image, various types of files like PDF to others.

Telegram app is available on Android, Windows, IOS etc platforms. Nowadays the number of Telegram users and popularity is increasing day by day.

The main difference between WhatsApp and Telegram is that in Telegram we can add multiple members to a group which is not possible in WhatsApp. Also a great feature of Telegram is secret chat and new Telegram channel. Today we are going to learn more about how to earn money by creating a Telegram channel.

How to make a Telegram channel?

Before earning money from telegram first you need to create new telegram channel. Below are the step by step procedures to create a Telegram channel.

first step

First of all, the Telegram app must be downloaded from the Play Store and registered on the mobile.

Second step

After downloading the Telegram app, you have to enter the mobile number. Then OTP will appear. As soon as the OTP is given, the registration process will be completed in Telegram.

The third step

If you click on the pencil icon at the bottom right side of the Telegram app, you will see the text New Channel and click on it.

The fourth step

Next you need to fill in the channel name and description.

The fifth step

Once the channel creation is complete, you have to join new members in this channel.

How to earn money from Telegram?

This time we will know about several common ways to earn money from Telegram. If you can make a telegram channel and grow it, many avenues of income will open up in front of you. You can earn money from Telegram in many ways. Some of the popular and proven methods are mentioned below. Find out what they are-

(1) Link shortener

Suppose you are sharing a news website link on your Telegram channel. Whatever link you share on your Telegram channel, shorten it through link shortener website and post it on your channel. In this case there are many link shortener advertisement programs which show some ads after clicking on your link and based on that you will earn.

(2) Earning App Shares

There are many earning apps that pay some amount per download and registration. You can earn money by sharing them on your Telegram channel.

(3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from Telegram. In this case, you need to join an affiliate program that pays commission for selling their products. You can join affiliate program of companies like amazon, flipkart.

In this you have to share the links of different products on Telegram channel. If someone buys something by clicking on these links, you will get paid as affiliate commission.

(4) Sponsorship

There are many companies who contact Telegram channel admins to promote their app downloads or services. In this case if you have a telegram channel then you can earn money by sponsoring.

(5) Promotion

If you have more members or subscribers in your Telegram channel, you can earn good money through sponsorship. There are many YouTubers and bloggers who look for Telegram channels to promote their YouTube channels and blogs. So you can charge good money to promote YouTube channel on your Telegram channel.

(6) Sale of Telegram channels

First create a Telegram channel and publish regular posts in it. After some time when the number of subscribers of that channel is high then it can be sold. Many people are making good money in this way.

Ways to Grow Telegram Channels

It is not a matter of creating a Telegram channel and publishing a post on it. The real point is, how to grow a Telegram channel properly. Telegram channel Grow means increasing the number of subscribers here. Without a good number of subscribers in Telegram channel, it is never possible to earn more money.

This time below I will talk about some proven ways to grow Telegram channel or increase subscribers one by one-

(1) Channel name selection

Before creating a Telegram channel, you need to decide what you want to post about. Suppose you want to create a Telegram channel for posting viral news. In this case, your channel name should also be ‘Bangla Viral News’. Because when someone searches by writing Viral News or Bangla Viral News in Telegram then your channel will appear in Telegram.

(2) Publish regular posts

After creating Telegram channel, so many people will not join your channel. For this you need to share regular posts on specific topics.

(3) Use of attractive images (Thumbnail).

No matter what type of post you share on your Telegram channel, you need to create an attractive image. Also don’t forget to write your Telegram channel name in the image. By doing this, when the image gets shared a lot, many people will see the image and join your Telegram channel by seeing the channel name given in the image.

(4) Channel Share

You can increase the number of channel members by sharing Telegram channel link on your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube etc.

(5) Share link on own blog

Here I am talking about Bengali Viral News as an example. If you make a blog on viral news and publish articles on it regularly, then one time when visitors start coming to your website or blog, make them join your Telegram channel. For this every article should have a link to join the Telegram channel.

(6) Paid Promotion

Paid promotion refers to increasing the number of members with money. For this you need to contact any telegram channel admin who has good number of subscribers in their channel. In this case you have to pay some amount of money to share your telegram channel link on other person’s telegram channel.


How can income be made by making a Telegram channel? Today’s article on this topic is complete. If you want to earn money by making Telegram channel or you already have Telegram channel then you can start earning money from above mentioned ways.

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