Ways to earn money from YouTube 2022 | How to Earn Money from Youtube in Bengali 2022

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Now is the age of internet. The number of users on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. is increasing day by day. Many people are earning lakhs or crores of rupees from YouTube. Do you know how they earn this money from YouTube?

To earn money from YouTube, first of all you need to open a YouTube channel. Then make a video and publish it. Today you will know exactly how to earn from YouTube.

Earn Money from Youtube in Bengali 2021

First of all, a Gmail is required to upload videos to YouTube. Through which you can open YouTube channel. Below are the step-by-step methods to open a YouTube channel-

  • First you need to create a YouTube account. Can be easily made from mobile or laptop. To create a YouTube account, you need to have a Gmail account or if you don’t have one, you have to create one. You can easily create a YouTube account through Gmail.
  • You can create a YouTube channel through the YouTube app or by going to Google Chrome and opening the www.youtube.com website.
  • While creating a YouTube channel, keep in mind that you can make good and informative videos on any topic. That matter has to be selected.
  • The name of the YouTube channel should be something that people can easily remember and is a little different from everyone else.

How to Upload Videos to YouTube Channel

The first step to earn money from YouTube is to upload videos to YouTube. Following are the steps to upload video on YouTube-

  • First of all, save the video that you are going to upload to YouTube in a separate folder on your mobile or computer.
  • Open YouTube’s official website or mobile app Upload video Options must be selected.
  • After clicking on the upload option an upload window will open and there you can select the video you want to upload.
  • While uploading the video, the essential information like description, privacy etc. must be given.
  • After the entire video is uploaded publish Click on the option and your video will be published on YouTube.

What should YouTube videos look like?

YouTube videos need to be attractive and easy to understand and the video quality should be good. Several things about the video are described below-

  • There is no problem if the quality of the video is not good at the beginning of the YouTube channel. But in the coming days, the quality of the video will be better and it will attract the viewers regularly.
  • One of the ways to get success on YouTube is to upload videos regularly and increase the number of viewers of your channel.
  • You can use a good camera or a good camera mobile to improve the quality of your video. If you don’t have a good camera, you can edit the video with a good video editor software.
  • At the time of video uploading, you need to use some tags that search and viewers reach your video and watch your video.

How do you increase the number of viewers on the YouTube channel?

The more people watch your videos on YouTube, the more you can earn. So after uploading the video the main objective will be to increase the views of the video. You can use the following methods for this-

  • To increase views on YouTube videos, first of all make the video attractive and beautiful. Also, you can increase the number of views by creating a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc. ID in the name of your YouTube channel and share the video there.
  • If someone asks any kind of question in your video then try to answer that question or answer then the audience will be connected with your channel.

Monetize YouTube videos and start earning

To turn YouTube monetization on, your YouTube channel needs to have a total of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. If so, you can turn on monetization in the following ways-

  • YouTube.com is ahead first My channel Click on it and a new page will open in front of you.
  • After that Video Manager You will see an option named click on it.
  • Come here and click on ‘Monetize with ads’.
  • Then the videos you upload to YouTube will get ads and click on them will earn you income. After monetization is turned on, after uploading the video you need to go to the video manager and click on the $ sign.

Google Adsense Setup on YouTube Channel

You can also earn by adding Adsense ads on YouTube channel. You will get the money earned from Google Adsense directly in your account. On the basis of clicks on all the ads that appear on the YouTube channel, money is deposited in Adsense.

Become a YouTube partner

Those whose YouTube channel has more viewers and monetized videos can become YouTube partners. After becoming a YouTube partner, some help is available from YouTube to create your content.

YouTube Partner requires a total of 10K views on your YouTube channel videos and 15K hours of watch time within 90 days.

Income from sponsors

Suppose you have a YouTube channel where you regularly upload videos and get very good views. A brand or company will pay you a good amount of money to review their product on your YouTube channel i.e. they will pay you to sponsor their product.

Income by opening a gaming channel

Gaming channels are becoming popular at a very fast rate these days. Because the popularity of games like Free Fire or PUBG is at its peak now. So if you love to play games then you have a great opportunity to earn from YouTube.

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